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A Better Tomorrow at the Hotchkiss School

We are proud to partner with Connecticut's own Hotchkiss School, at the forefront of the sustainability movement. It is "the only high school in the nation to be involved with the Real Food Challenge and one of the leading schools in terms of the percentage of 'real food' we serve is just one manifestation of how we are increasingly doing what we say when it comes to environmental issues on campus," said Josh Hahn, Hotchkiss's Director of Environmental Initiatives.

Adapted from "Up on the (Hotchkiss) Farm: Growing a New Kind of Education" printed in The Hotchkiss Magazine, Fall 2011

Dining Services Manager, Andy Cox explains: "We focus on the whole system. Where and what we purchase is in many ways much more important than how we manage waste. Our best example of this is our dining hall where we recognize that every purchasing decision has influence on our carbon footprint, preservation of open space in our region, the economic vitality of our local community, and the education and health of our students, staff, faculty and their families."

Why is local food better?

Andy Cox says, "You can't know what's happening on a farm halfway around the world, and it's pretty easy to green-wash with certain labels. With local food you can find out what farmers are putting into the soil -- if it involves pesticides, petrochemical fertilizers, insecticides. You can learn what they're doing with their water management. You can find out if they're paying their workers a living wage. Your food is going to be healthier, you'll know if it's better for the environment, and you'll respect it a lot more. You'll know you're helping to stimulate the local economy and developing community."

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