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Sustainability is the capacity to endure. It means improving the quality of human life, while living within the capacity of the ecosystems that support that life. Food and water are essential to life, and feeding the world's billions of occupants strains earth's resources. Industrial agriculture and the accompanying use of fertilizers, pesticides, water, and land are not sustainable. That's why we must all must be responsible for how we eat, what we buy, and in what ways we can change our habits to create a healthier, safer food system.

We at Hardwick Beef embrace the idea of living within our means, and of guarding our natural resources, including limiting the use of fertilizers and pesticides. We can reduce our impact on the environment by consuming less and modifying how we produce, use, and dispose what we consume.

Livestock are a central part of farming, and the welfare of these animals is important, not only for their own well-being but also for food safety.

The Hardwick Beef Mission

Our mission is to support small family farms across the Northeast for generations to come. Hardwick Beef partners with more than 75 farms to raise cattle with old-fashioned grass-fed methods and humane standards of care.


A Better Tomorrow at the Hotchkiss School

The Hotchkiss School, in Lakeville, Connecticut, is at the forefront of the sustainability movement. With its 280 acre Hotchkiss Farm, the school is integrating education in the classroom with ideas of organic farming and eating locally produced foods. That includes 100% grass-fed Hardwick Beef. We are proud to partner with this school in educating tomorrow's consumers.


Supporting Small Family Farms

We support family farms and the farmers who want to reach markets for their products at competitive prices. That's why we are working to develop outlets for healthy meat and other livestock products and to connect stores, restaurants, and other resources with consumers who care about the quality and safety of their food.

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